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The Naughtiest Cars of The 2000’s

The first decade of the new millennium was an amazing era for cars in almost all the segments. Bigger became better with a rather carefree outlook towards fuel economy that was last enjoyed by people in the 60’s. Here are some of the naughtiest cars of the decade.

Though this attitude is what put GM out of business and they should have never have received a bailout. GM still owes America $16 billion but let’s transition back on topic.

Bugatti Veyron

The Veyron comes with a pedigree price and is appealing in all aspects of performance and appearance. It is also among the naughtiest cars of this decade because it’s featured in the Guinness World Records for being the fastest street legal production car.


Also, it is meant only for the super-rich. Every inch of this car comes with state-of-the art designing and engineering that pushes the Volkswagen engine to its limits.

Bugatti changed the landscape of sports cars by introducing brand new concepts. The car is so handsome that it has been on the cover of every car magazine at least once. Under the hood aspects do not disappoint either.

Ferrari Enzo

A car named after the company’s founder has got to be good. Ferrari Enzo is one of the most wanted cars in America though some people just don’t they are worth the price (the Veyron is sensational). It was announced in 2002 as a range beating hyper car. The sleek looks are perfect for a sports car and the F140 B V12 engine does not disappoint.


The car was on an invitation basis for the first few customers. People who had bought the F40 and F50 were specially invited to purchase the 349 cars.

However, after the initial production, Ferrari put additional 50 Enzos on the streets on demand. Everything from appearance, steering and brakes to handling is worth it in this car of everyone’s dreams.

Honda S2000

S2000 was launched by Honda to commemorate its 50th anniversary and has become one of the best sports cars of all times. It is on the naughty list for the sporty looks and legendary reliability. It has a 2.0 L four-cylinder engine that peaks at 8300 rpm. This made things more impressive for this affordable roadster.


Honda S2000 is among the best sports cars ever introduced by the Japanese automaker. It defines what Honda is about in terms of reliability, affordability, and scalability. The perfectly balanced weight distribution, steering and handling are things to be bragged about.

Unfortunately for some people, not everyone, the S2000 was discontinued in 2009.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus proves that cheap and naughty did not have to be a sacrifice on quality or performance. This is an everyday American’s car with decent steering and brakes. The fun-design both inside and out had made this car a raging success in its time. The low price did not make things worse.


It is an everyday car with a light and stiff chassis. The Focus is still in production even today because of its stylish finish and fast performance. It is a solid, practical, and fun sedan.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit got the compact cars back in America. It is a true multi-purpose vehicle that is cute, tiny, and provides bundles of fun (even if they made fun of small cars like this in the hilarious movie The Other Guys). The car is perfect for family use with spacious cargo and cabin space. The best thing about the Honda Fit is the re-configurable seats.


You can fold, tumble and easily remove the seats prioritizing passenger and cargo volumes. The Fit has truly pioneered the resurgence of subcompact in the country.

Nissan GT-R

Japanese engineering was at its pinnacle when GT-R was born. It is a successor of the skyline range and has a carefully crafted engine. True performance of GT-R is because of the collaboration between Japanese, American and European designers.


The roofline was sculpted by European designers while the body was designed by Nissan’s American designers. Gran Turismo creators were consulted while designing the multifunction display on the GT-R. This is among the most capable cars on the planet.

Nissan has claimed a maximum speed of 193 mph. However, car enthusiasts have recorded a highest speed of 195 mph – they were probably racing to see another amazing Transformers or Jason Bourne movie!

Dodge Viper

Viper was the naughtiest car in the 2000s (though nowhere near as amazing as the Ford GT, Lamborghini, or Veyron). It was the road-legal race car rage when it became available. Dodge built Viper to be proud, unapologetic, and all American. Viper was prone to make heads turn while cruising around the city.


Viper is the most American among all cars with more than 75% components made in America. It has a V10 engine under the hood that can belch out a maximum horsepower of 500. The convertible is for giving the best driving experience.

Ford GT

If you ever wanted a naughty car, then the Ford GT is for you – this car is totally badass as already mentioned. It is designed on the iconic Ford GT40 of the 60s that dominated the Le Mans. The car was released in 2005 as a 100th anniversary limited edition supercar. The GT is similar to the GT40, though with a taller, longer, and better body.


It is one of the quickest cars of the decade with a 5.8 L V8 engine and 550 hp output. The GT aged well in both performance and engineering. It is one of the few cars of the millennium whose value has appreciated with time.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Mercedes-Benz teamed up with its Formula One partner McLaren to create this stunning supercar. It has the outstanding super performance you can easily boast about. The super charged 5.4L V8 engine can reach 60mph from standstill in just a little over 3 seconds with 617 hp output.


The car is extremely high tech and gorgeous with an unmatched speed. These wheels will give you the feel of a F1 racing car. It is exclusively one of the best cars you can drive in the U.S with only 1,400 units sold nationwide.

Ferrari F430

This has been an improvement on the many Ferraris that the company came out with during the preceding years. Ferraris were temperamental while being fast and gorgeous before the F430. These were an upgrade on the F360 in terms of chassis, design and aerodynamic efficiency.


The F430 was described as the best Italian car of the decade due to its reliability, performance, and maneuverability (but still not badass like other cars on this list). The car was tried and tested on highways, city drives, and mountain roads to provide excellent performance results every time.

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