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The Best Online Payment Alternatives to PayPal


There are a number of online ways to send or share cash with friends or pay your bills. Most allow you to send money overseas to another country. Each payment solution has different benefits and features. Some are better on smartphones, some allow you to pay from a credit card while others are automatically synced with your bank account. Also some have the neat feature where you can send money to a persons cellphone however dollar limits do apply.

If you and your roommates, your business partners, or you and your significant other share costs, but do not share the same bank account, chances are good there will be a fair amount of money changing hands. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, doing this has never been easy.

No longer do you have to run to the ATM to get cash, or pull out the checkbook to write a check. Now, sharing money is as easy as logging onto your computer or signing into your phone using a cash app. The first program that revolutionized the money-changing game was PayPal. Though PayPal is still incredibly relevant and an undoubtedly useful tool, there are other options that have begun to pop up that have undeniable value.

Continue reading to discover the best online gambling payment alternatives to PayPal.

Venmo – Online Money Transfers Overseas and to Friends

This might be something of a cheat, because technically Venmo is owned by PayPal, but that doesn’t change the fact that it has grown massively popular in recent years, especially amongst smartphone-obsessed millennials.

The way Venmo works is by being a digital wallet that allows users to send money to their contracts. It also has a feed where friends can share what they are sharing money for, which creates the all-important social aspect of the most popular apps.

Moreover, Venmo is free to send and receive money if you have your bank account linked. If you pay with a credit card, there is a three percent charge. That can get rather expensive, so it is definitely advised to stick to paying friends either directly from your bank account or from your Venmo balance.

Finally, Venmo is useful because is allows users to transfer money to their bank in 1-3 business days.

Venmo Vs Zelle

Venmo is different to Zelle in that it has more social aspects to it such as seeing what your friends got up to and who is paying who. Many users liked the fund aspect of this part of the app.

Dwolla – Add Money and Send Money

Dwolla operates much like Venmo except for a few restrictions. First off, it is only available to users in the United States, so don’t try sending it across borders. Secondly, Dwolla requires a fairly lengthy verification process that can take a couple business days to get approved. Finally, every Dwolla transaction that surpasses $10 comes with a $.25 fee.

There is upside, however. That $.25 fee never gets any bigger even if you are sharing thousands of dollars. Beyond that, Dwolla can also initiate next-day transfers to make sure that you have your money in your traditional bank account as quickly as possible.

Apple Pay to Send Money

This option differs somewhat from Venmo and Dwolla in the fact that instead of focusing on peer-to-peer spending, Apple Pay instead focuses on using your already existing debit or credit cards on your phone to pay for goods in-store.

Next time you’re at a chain supermarket, see if they have an Apple Pay option and try it out. Instead of paying with a swipe of a card, it can be as easy as tapping your phone to a digital sensor to complete the transaction. Apple Pay can be a good option if you are tired of carrying around all your plastic whenever you go to buy groceries.

Apple Pay also, of course, lets you buy goods online through your phone, but that is less exciting and far less futuristic feeling than paying for something with your phone.

Skrill Payments Sending

Skrill is much like PayPal except it is based in the United Kingdom and they charge $0.1 when sharing from person to person. Beyond that, you can also use Skrill to buy products online if the site or store you are purchasing from accepts it as a form of payment.

Another added benefit of Skrill is that their international fees are quite a bit lower than PayPal. That does not apply to when you need to transfer currency, say from the Euro to the American dollar, but still.

Perhaps the thing that sets Skrill aprt the most from the other options on this list other than the fact that it is based out of the UK is that you can use Skrill for online gambling. Something you cannot do with the previously mentioned options.

Payoneer Foreign Country transfers and payments in the US

If you use online payment for your business or freelance work, Payoneer could be a great option for you. The reason why is because not only does it allow users to send and receive money globally, it also has established relationships with some of the most popular freelancing sites.

While there is a downside of Payoneer which exists in its fee structure that can range from zero to several dollars per payment depending on how you use the service, it makes up for it in one incredibly convenient way. Payoneer provides users with a pre-paid Mastercard that is linked to your account that you can use wherever Mastercard is accepted. That means you don’t have to wait the day(s) is takes for the money from your account to be transferred to your bank, debit card, etc.

Google Wallet to Pay Friends or Bills

Google Pay has everything, so why wouldn’t they have their very own from of online casino payment via Google Pay? Google Wallet allows users to send money from your bank account to any email address for free. Much like Venmo, if you send money via your credit card, there is a 2.9 percent fee. So, best to avoid that if you can.

Google Wallet has an additional benefit of allowing users to make purchases online and in stores. While the stores must accept Google Wallet in order for you to use it, that is becoming more and more popular. It is a versatile program that seems to be gaining ground amongst professionals.


Zelle is a new product that has been adopted by many US banks. If you are with Bank of America or Chase or other banks its available without needing to sign up right on your smartphone. Its quickly becoming the payment processing option of choice for banks. Currently free, it looks like they will have to start charging soon to be profitable.

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