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10 Great Affordable Cities in California For First Home Buyers

10 Great Affordable Cities in California For First Home Buyers

Buying your first home in California is an exciting position to be in. Many people decide to purchase real estate in California as it is synonymous with beaches, homelessness, sunshine, super rich and super poor, crime, mountains, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and movies like Menace to Society. There are some young families and first time homebuyers looking for tips or step by step advise for these first time home buyers that want to make this state their permanent home.

Though so many are fleeing to states like Arizona, Nevada, and Texas but this is another topic.

Unfortunately, California is also among the most expensive states in the US and leads the country in bankrupt cities. However and moreover, there are some cities left where real estate is still reasonably priced.

Here are 10 cities in California where first home buyers could afford a new home more easily.

Oxnard to buy your first home

If you love beaches, then this is the place for you. It is about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles with golf and Mandalay Beach being the prime attractions. Winery visits and walks along the beach front are all part of living in Oxnard.

The median home value here is $332,600 with the household income settling at $62,349. Oxnard offers high standard of living as compared to other cheaper options. There are many crops that grow in the region with the city surrounded by fertile agricultural land.

The city is nicknamed as the ‘Gateway to the Channel Islands’ which is a nearby marine sanctuary and national park. Oxnard is also famous for its strawberries with the famous California Strawberry Festival held here annually. It is too bad though that California punishes businesses so much that they have been fleeing this state for years.

Eureka, CA for first home buyers

Eureka is a port city and a highly desirable place to live. People are still heading to Eureka even though the Gold Rush has long been over. It is located a few hours south of the Oregon border and is the largest coastal city until San Francisco.

Eureka has affordable options for first home buyers with median home values pegged at $238,100. The average household income is on the low side at $37,094. However, the city has a low crime rate. That said there are not many jobs in this city. Most jobs are available only in healthcare and tourism with a few left in fishing and timber.

Vacaville California Real Estate

This is the place for you if you are looking for a quiet community with ranchers and farmers as your neighbors.

The city has time and again ranked high for raising a family in a quiet neighborhood. Vacaville is an hour’s drive from San Francisco, which leads the country in property crime, located in the Solano County of Northern California.

The median home value is really cheap in this city at $275,100 with a high median household income at $74,207. There are a number of options of fine dining, shopping and nightlife in Vacaville. There are outdoor recreational opportunities as well such as the Lagoon Valley trek.

Bakersfield how to buy here

Bakersfield has always been used as a stopover for those travelling to San Francisco and Los Angeles. However, this is a great city for buying a first home in terms of low home prices and job availability. The median home value here is $214,600 with a median household income of $56,842.

Bakersfield has a thriving oil and agriculture industry. The land is flush with fertile soil that gives residents an opportunity to partake in local sourced food. There are hundreds of miles of lanes and bike paths.

There are nearly 60 parks here with an opportunity to enjoy national forests and mountains at a short drive’s distance. Check out the crime rates though.

Redlands, California

Redlands is located in the San Bernardino County and is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. In fact, it is about 2 hour’s drive from LA. This city is nicknamed the ‘Inland Empire’ and for good reason too. The median home value in this city is $310,200 with a median household income of $65,212.

Redland has a total population of 71,288 with multiple employment options. The single largest employer is Esri which is a tech company focused on geography and drawing up of maps.

There are a number of advantages of moving to Redlands such as easy access to mountains and parks, weekly farmers market, in-house brewery and an outdoor amphitheater.

Chico to buy a first home in california

Chico has the most population in Butte County. It is home to the Chico State University. The median home value here is $263,500 with a median household income of $42,342.

Agriculture is a major industry here with Sacramento located 90 miles away to the South. Just don’t go to Central Sacramento or the southern half of Sacramento because of the crime. Chico has some nice weather and is not terribly far away from the ocean. It has an attractive downtown with multiple opportunities to go hiking.

7. Visalia

Visalia is located in Tulare County and offers a residential suburban feel to homeowners. It has a population of 128,738 with many families and young professionals. The median home value in this city is $190,500 with median household income at $52,262. The city offers a number of parks and public schools.

8. Roseville

This city has a population of 128,276 and is one of the largest cities in Placer County. It has many times been ranked as one of the best places to live in California with a median household income of $78,446. The median home value in this city is $355,900.

Most residents own their own homes in Roseville and the feel of this city is largely sub-urban. There are a number of coffee shops, parks, and attractions in this city. It is right near Sacramento and as already insinuated, just stay in Roseville. The city is also among the safest in California. There is a strong local economy with multiple above average schools.

9. Clovis

Clovis is a short drive from everything as is located smack in the middle of California State. You have the option of beaches, forests, mountains, and all major cities. The median household income in this city is $62,666 with the median home value being $247,700.

Clovis has employment opportunities in healthcare and agile manufacturing. Summers can be excruciatingly hot. However, low cost of living, friendly neighbors, good schools and a charming downtown make up for it.

10. Temecula

This city is a haven for pleasure seekers and wine lovers. It has one of the largest casinos in California and is home to multiple golf courses and 40 wineries. It has farmers market twice a week with a downtown that is drowned in history.

The median home value is a little on the high side at $335,200. However, the median household income covers for it at $79,925.

The tourist industry is among the major employers. Abbot Laboratories, which is a leading healthcare company, and the schools also provide some employment here.

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