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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Painter’s Insurance

Working as a house painter or painting contractor is not an easy feat. From accurately consulting clients to flawlessly executing the job, you have many tasks to fulfill on any given day.


On top of all that, you also have to worry about unforeseen expenses that may arise from property damage, bodily injuries, or road accidents. Even when your business accounts are substantial, taking a few of these hits can deplete them before you know it.


That’s why you must have proper painter’s insurance in place. It ensures that your business remains protected against these incidents and keeps itself afloat in the face of unfortunate events.


Here are five reasons why you need insurance for your painting contractor business to help you learn more.


1. Painter’s Insurance Saves You From Property Damage Costs

Painting a house or office can breathe new life into it. But if you happen to take any missteps, this particular process can also cause lasting damage to the property you are working on.

In case your work accidentally damages your client’s property, general liability insurance for painters can help you cover the repair and restorations costs. This makes sure that you and your employees can perform your work without worrying about causing inadvertent damage to your job site.

2. It Also Covers the Subsequent Costs of Bodily Injuries

With the use of ladders, primers, and paints, you have a world of equipment lying around any painting site. This requires you to be careful with your work, but it still makes for a risky environment for third-parties.

If anyone slips or trips against your equipment or during the course of your work, you can be held responsible for bodily injuries. Having general liability painter’s insurance saves you from footing any subsequent costs for such accidents.


3. It Provides You With Protection on the Road

Insurance coverage for professional painters is not limited to liability insurance on clients’ buildings. Through commercial auto insurance, it also extends to issues on the road that may cause harm to someone else or their property.

While transporting your equipment or employees, comprehensive commercial auto insurance also ensures that your staff and property are covered against damages that arise from a road accident. This way, you can move back and forth from your job site without any worries.


4. It Helps You Protect Your Property and Equipment

If you want to go with an insurance policy beyond the general liability and commercial auto, you can also look into commercial property and builder’s risk insurance. This additional painter’s insurance covers your own office as well as any materials you are using at your job.

Through these policies, you can cover the cost of damages to your physical premises as well as the materials you are about to use. In addition to physical damage, this also covers issues such as loss or theft of materials.

5. It Improves Your Chances of Booking More Jobs

Any residential or commercial property owner prefers working with contractors who are insured. It’s because, in the case of an unforeseen event where property damage or bodily injury is involved, these clients can count on the promise of protection by the insurance provider.

That’s why it’s incredibly important that your painting contractor business has the right insurance policies in place. This helps you fulfill your business’s critical requirements and makes sure that you aren’t lagging behind your competitors.

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