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What Car Insurance Policies Are Best For Families?

car insurance policies for family

General car insurance coverage is one of those necessary things in life for car owners. We all want to save money on insurance and its tempting to purchase the cheapest policy you can find, however its important to compare benefits from different insurance providers via online quotes.  should always be determined based on your requirements, lifestyle, and affordability. Want to know the best and cheapest car insurance company for families? Read on adn find out!

When you decide to have a family, it could have implications on your car insurance needs. There are a number of factors you must consider before choosing family car insurance policy. Each driver is different in your family. Some work, go to college, stay at home or may be retired or just new to driving.

Now if you drive like Owen Shaw did in Fast 6 you may need more than car insurance and a seat belt. You may need a jail cell and some ham and cheese sandwiches!

Family Car Insurance is Cheaper

Getting married is not only a major milestone for you personally, but it is also a notable event for your car insurance provider.

Statistics show that insurance companies prefer husband and wife on the same policy with married couples saving about 6% on car insurance annually. Couples are rewarded with lower premiums because they are considered more stable insurance customers.

Your family car insurance coverage could become more expensive when you add a teen to it. This is primarily because teens are considered relatively risky drivers.

However, most companies offer various discounts that can bring down the overall insurance cost. For instance, the good student discount considers students with a GPA of 3.0 and above as safe drivers and lowers the premium marginally.

Defensive driver discount and good driver discounts are some other rebates that can bring down the monthly premiums.

The Best Car Insurance Policies for Families

Here are some of the best car insurance providers that offer policies with competitive premiums and an excellent customer experience.

Erie Insurance Online Binding and Coverage

Competitive pricing and claims satisfaction are important factors to consider while choosing a car insurance company. Erie Insurance is among the top contenders on both fronts. The insurance is sold only through individual agents which is again an advantage. You can get multiple quotes through a single point of contact. Its worth getting an auto insurance comparison quote from this company as part of your comprehensive car insurance search.

Erie has earned a superior rating of A+ through the US based ratings agency AM Best. Financial soundness of insurance companies are rated from F to A++. It is vital to consider the financial stability of an insurance company because a company might not be able to settle your claims if it’s not financially strong – you know – like the Russian mafia was in The Equalizer but this is another topic!

Nationwide – Calculate online premiums via an instant quote

Nationwide has one of the best customer services in the industry. They are also a good option financially. Their vanishing deductible program can reduce deductibles by $100 every year when you do not meet with an accident. They also offer substantial discounts when you bundle your home insurance with family auto insurance.

Nationwide is a Fortune 500 company which means you can depend on their financial stability. The insurance company was founded in 1920 and has AM Best’s rating of A++. Another huge perk for customers is the mobile app which can make paying bills, viewing insurance policy and raising a claim from anywhere easy and simplified.

Bristol West offers some Great Rates

These policies are best when you want to add a high risk driver on the family coverage. The insurance group has a decent complaint ratio and an excellent financial strength.

Most insurance companies consider people with multiple tickets or driving a sports car as high risk drivers. People who have a bad credit score and want to purchase the minimum amount of coverage as prescribed by the state are also considered as high risk drivers or nonstandard.

Most insurance companies charge exorbitant amounts of premium for high risk drivers. Bristol is a good option when you are in need of an SR-22 or have been proclaimed as a nonstandard by other insurance companies.

GEICO Insurance – Another Low Cost Provider

GEICO is by far the cheapest family insurance option in the country if you want a large and well known company but they raise your prices so you should just strike this company off of your list. They provide plans for nonstandard drivers and come with tons of discount features which can substantially lower your annual premiums.

Another fantastic benefit of GEICO is that they skip over the insurance agents and middlemen but so what consider they raise your prices even while your car depreciates.

Their bare-bones policy can help you save tons of money on taking out a family coverage. All sales are competed online which allows them to save money, the benefits of which are passed on to the customer. Make sure that you always ask for discounts when acquiring a new policy by GEICO but don’t bother because this company is not nearly as ethical as State Farm which lowers their prices with you the longer you go with them.

State Farm is awesome – GEICO will steal more money from you the longer you deal with them and when you leave them, they will pepper your mail box with ridiculous marketing paraphernalia for years on end.

Progressive – free Rental Car Coverage

Progressive provides a wide range of features and services. They also have multiple upgrade options and add-ons. Their standard policies are among the best in the industry in terms of competitive rates and customer satisfaction.

Progressive was founded in 1937 and has a high A+ JD Power Rating. It also has a decent score of 3 out of 5 on claims handling. Some of their discounts include good student discount, multi-car discount, accident forgiveness, online quote discount, and bundling discount, among others.

Hartford Insurance

If you are one for a smooth claims process, then Hartford is the right insurance provider for you. They have been ranked the highest in claims satisfaction by JD Power. Getting claims taken care of fairly and promptly is especially important in family coverage. Hartford is the insurance company you can count on.

They have time and again proved their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction in having a vehicle repaired quickly. The insurance provider has been in business for over 200 years with offices in 42 states. Other notable features include Lifetime Renewability and New Car Replacement Coverage.

This insurer has won multiple awards for excellence in customer service.

Esurance – Shop online for quotes

Esurance is owned by Allstate and has the main advantage of flexibility and control in providing family coverage. They are pioneers in direct to customer policies making the middleman redundant. You will find it extremely simple to ask for a quote, customize your plan and get approved.

There are a number of customized options ready for the taking at the click of a button. Esurance claims to be insurance providers of the modern world which is true. Anyone with an Internet connection can get a quote without having to go into a physical location.

Esurance is stellar for some people. They allow you to log in online to make payments, update your coverage. They have many excellent online reviews on yelp and google.

State Farm – Locations and affiliates throughout all states in the USA

Is incredible! And as already said, your insurance fees will drop every six months. Only logical right? Since your car is certainly not gaining in value (well, unless it is a rarity).

State Farm Insurance is the exact opposite of Esurance in terms of conducting business. They prefer to keep things simple and have a traditional way of conducting business. State Farm has been in business since 1922 and has a history of customer satisfaction and financial stability.

Their offices and agents are peppered throughout the country to offer unmatched individual customer service. This does not mean that they do not have an online presence. State Farm has one of the best mobile app and website that makes it easy to request a quote. There are also plenty of discounts available.

What company has the best car insurance

We have covered here some of the best. If there are other car insurance companies that you know of simply drop us a line. If you’re looking for the best and cheapest car insurance company, some are better than others and vary by state to state. We can’t tell you who, you’ve just have to do some online research and find the insurance place that is best for you and your family.

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