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Some Horror Stories of What Happens When You Airbnb Out Your Home

Some Horror Stories of What Happens When You Airbnb Out Your Home Some Horror Stories of What Happens When You Airbnb Out Your Home

Airbnb makes it very easy for you to sign up and start renting out your property. It can be a great way to make some money when you are out on a business trip or a vacation. However Airbnb-ing out your home is not without risk and some bad things can happen. Read below for some bad experiences people have had with using Airbnb to rent out their home.

Over the last few years, Airbnb has dramatically changed the hospitality industry and emerged as a major disruptor for traditional hotels, resorts, and guest houses.

However, choosing to Airbnb out your home also involves some risk. For instance, what happens when your paid guests are not what they seem at first? While the majority of Airbnb hosts report a fantastic guest experience, there are a growing number of horror stories as well (what would you expect?).

Here is a list of some of the worst Airbnb anecdotes in the last few years.

  1. Guest that Required an Attorney for Eviction

When Cory Tschogl rented out her Palm Springs Condo in San Francisco Bay Area to a man – little did she know that it will cost her $3,000-$5,000 in legal fees! This is on top of owning a condo in a city infested with homeless which has made that entire city smell like urine.

The guest, who went by the name of ‘Maksym’, needed a place for an extended business trip. He complained of gated entry and ‘cloudy’ tap water on the first day and asked for a full refund.

Tschgol claimed that she could only get a hold of Airbnb after 2 days, when the site replied that they had asked the guest to vacate the premises. However, the guest would not leave and Tschgol decided to let him complete his 44 day stay.

But when the time came for him to pack up his bags and leave, Maksym had still not paid for his complete stay and Airbnb could not do anything to collect the money.

After a few days, when Tschgol, sent him a message saying she would cut off the utilities if he did not vacate the premises, he threatened to sue her. Maksym claimed his brother got an ulcer because of the cloudy tap water and that her actions had caused both of them a lot of ‘pain and suffering’.

Tschgol promptly hired an attorney and found that it would take a minimum of 3 to 6 months and thousands of dollars in legal fees to officiate the guest.

  1. Guest That Left the Tap On In a Water Orgy

In 2016, Sharon Marzouk rented out a bedroom in her Menlo Park, California home to an Airbnb guest. This is on top of owning a home in a state that allows illegals to run amok and kill people.

She walked into what she aptly described as, a still from a porn movie gone horribly wrong. There was water trickling from the upstairs bathroom and tons of sexual paraphernalia strewn across the bedroom.

She discovered a large box of condoms, few pairs of high heels, a bag full of used tissues and a vibrator. She also found a handwritten list of pics labeled as ‘blue and white skirt vibrator’ and ‘bent over green Abercrombie’.

Marzouk estimated the costs of fixing her home at $10,000. The guest merely walked off with an ‘I forgot to turn off the tap in the bath’.

  1. Guest Who Ransacked and Trashed

A San Francisco woman revealed one of the first major Airbnb controversies ever. She came home to her rented-out space to find it completely trashed. This is what happens when you deal with people who live in a state devoid of God and morality while allowing political correctness to run the society with impunity.

Most of her valuables were missing. The guests (read thieves) were bold enough to make a hole through her closet door to pilfer all her smart gadgets, cash, jewelry and even some personal belongings.

The sentimental value of the belongings was triple their cost as claimed by the host. The guests did not just stop at stealing. They went on to completely trash the place.

They proceeded to dump bleach on her furniture and leave a crusty, yellow substance all over her bathroom floor. The Airbnb anarchists even hung up a framed picture of Paris to really bring the room together.

  1. When the House Burned Down

This Airbnb horror story does not come from the host or the guest but an ex-customer service rep from Airbnb.

She vented out on Reddit, claiming that at 4 am (in an otherwise ordinary shift) she got a call from a guest who said that the place they rented was burning. She pacified the guest and asked them to call 911.

Twenty minutes later the ex-Airbnb employee got another call from the host saying that a guest had burned the property down. The employee further mentioned in her Reddit post that it was not part of her job to figure out what happened or who was at fault. But, she was sure that the place did burn down that night.

  1. Guest Who Left a Poo Covered Abode

This story is a lesson to all Airbnb hosts. You cannot always trust the profile pictures. Rachel Bassini thought she was renting her East Village penthouse to an average Joe.

There was nothing creepy or unusual about the guest (Jeffrey) – who was complete with wife and child. Until, she walked into her home brimming with condoms, human feces, and unidentified bodily fluids.

When Bassini looked up Jeffrey on social media, she found pictures of her home and the massive feces-induced shindig he threw within it. She also had to get the locks changes because he failed to return her keys. Though she change the locks anyway.

  1. Guest Who Got Stabbed

Ladies of the night using Airbnb is not exclusive to Sweden, and is more common than you think in New York which is a city booming with homelessness, crime, and businesses taking off to other states. This was found out the hard-way by an NYC-based publicist who rented out her place to a woman claiming to be an Army Private. The guest said she was about to be shipped overseas and needed a few days to crash.

The truth – the girl just wanted a place to get cash by roping in sleazy Johns. But, she drew the ire of an angry client, until the cops busted open the joint.

The Big Picture

There are 640,000 hosts on Airbnb and it is recommended that you do not let these few horror stories keep you from letting out your home. Only a very small percentage of hosts have had really bad experiences.

After all, Airbnb has revolutionized the way the world travels and something so massive cannot be without a few problems or hiccups. Trusting your gut instinct, the communication you have had, and common sense is often the key to protecting your interests in these types of situations.

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