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How to Choose the Right Auto Title Loan Companies Online

How to Choose the Right Auto Title Loan Companies Online

Online title loan companies are a great way to get quick cash by way of a collateral loan based off of the value of your car. For many customers, auto title loan companies are great places to look for that small-to-medium sized loan because you do not have to have great credit to take out a car title loan. On top of that, loans are often approved and transferred within 24 hours of application.

Upon your very first search for a car title loan, you will find that there are seemingly endless supplies of online title loan companies. While this makes the process quite quick and hassle-free, it can also lead to some very understandable suspicious and anxiety.

Once you are approved for a loan, you may want to rush through the rest of the process and just get the loan already. You want to convince yourself that your lender is reliable. That may make you glance over red flags that you would otherwise notice simply because you want the cash.

That doesn’t change the fact that as a borrower, you need to make sure that you are going into business with a reputable lender with excellent customer service. They need to demand no extra hidden fees or iron-clad clauses of repayment if you fall behind on your loan.

In order to find a lender that you can trust, consider these three tips.

Go through online firms to find the best auto title loan companies.

There’s no doubt that you would like to hand over the title of your vehicle to just anyone. You want to make sure that you are going through each step legally and responsibly. Makes sure that all the paperwork that is required by law is being duly signed by both parties before applying for the online title loan. A legal company will always insist that this is the first step.

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All providers of online car title loans are not created equal. It is important to stay vigilant and not simply take everything they say or every offer they make at face value. Regardless of what you hear about the auto title loan companies you are considering borrowing from, be sure to look up further information online and try to find future customers who have posted about their experiences.

Ensure that you crosscheck any information you find by looking at reviews and customer testimonials. One option that you can use to compare car title lenders is to take a look online databases of many lenders across the country. With large databases, you can find a list of companies that you deem the best fit to lend you your money and begin the application process with all or any of them.

Databases are incredibly useful because you can quickly compare important factors such as interest rates, processing times, customer service, and finance terms. Such analysis only takes several minutes, but can have a huge impact on how positive or negative your experience is in the long term.

Read the fine print before you apply.

This rule should go without saying, but for some people, they are so excited to be offered a loan by any number of auto loan companies that they do not spend the time necessary to really know the ins and outs of their loan.

Lenders look at the KBB value of the vehicle more than your credit score or FICO score. This means customers with bad credit are able to get approved, as many lenders don’t even require a credit check to approve the loan. 

If you avoid reading the fine print, you may miss out on some of the most important parts of your loan. For example, you will find out whether or not they provide funding terms for a few days, or 30 days. You will find out about the cap they can offer for your car title so you know whether or not you will even be getting enough to pay off the bills, or make the purchase you need the loan for in the first place. Furthermore, you will find out about the company’s payment plan. As many online title loan companies have short duration limit and charge penalties on delayed payments.

Apart from these kinds of details, look at the contract’s fine print to see if there are loan terms that stand out in any way. Be on the lookout for terms that will increase interest rates in case of a delay in payment. Make sure to find out the procedure for calculating interest as well as the period in which it is calculated.

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It is also crucial to find out exactly what the fine print on the loan states regarding what must take place before your lender repossesses your car. Most contracts stipulate that even one month of missed payments is enough for them to repossess your vehicle, but that is not always the case. Especially if you are living in states such as California or Texas.

Just like the lender is evaluating you when you submit your application, you should be evaluating your lender before you agree to take out a loan with them. This should be a two-way street and it is crucial to know that you are borrowing from auto title loan companies that you can trust before, during, and after your loan.

Taking out a loan of any kind can be a stressful and somewhat scary experience. Hopefully these tips will help you keep your head while you seek out the right car title loan for you.

Good luck!

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